University of Warsaw, Faculty of Economic Sciences

Field of study:Economics
Type of studies:Graduate
System of studies:full-time (day) studies
Speciality:International Economics

Official website of the Programme is available at:

Programme description:

The Programme offers cutting-edge knowledge and skills in the field of international economics and is one of the best Master’s degree programmes in International Economics in Central and Eastern Europe. The selection of courses aims at providing students with solid base in economics at advanced level and making them familiar with the latest issues related to international economics used in scientific research, business and international institutions. Students of the International Economics programme are also offered the possibility to obtain a double degree diploma: Master’s degree in International Economics issued by Warsaw University as well as a Master’s degree diploma obtained at one of the foreign Universities under bilateral agreement. The participants of double-degree programs having completed their first year in Warsaw, have an opportunity to spend their second year at the partner university in Austria (University of Vienna), Belgium (Catholic University of Louvain) or Hungary (Central European University in Budapest).

Graduate profile and potential career opportunities:

Graduates are expected to be able to link scientific skills with real economic problems to devise new strategies and policies for business, governments and NGO’s. Graduates can pursue careers in all areas of international and institutional activities as analysts, researchers, advisors, lobbyists or policy makers. Graduates will know how to formulate a problem, prepare a research plan, collect data and deal with data analysis, assemble, analyze and criticize the existing scientific literature.