Are you bored by the standard, popular destinations and want to find a city, where you will feel quickly right at home? Have you ever wondered, what it’s like to live in a city situated in the heart of Eastern Europe, which is, however, still unexplored, or – perhaps – waiting to be discovered by you. If you want to study in a friendly European city, you should consider Warsaw as an interesting place to study.

Warsaw – more than 517 square kilometers, 1.7 million inhabitants, 18 districts, countless opportunities, lots of surprises, endless inspirations. Do you feel excited? Warsaw is a city of contrasts, where history is mixed with the modernity, creating therefore a new and unique quality of place and time. There is no other city in Europe so marked by the by history. During World War II and the Warsaw Uprising, the capital was razed to the ground. However, thanks to the efforts of many people, Warsaw has been brought back to life. Many monuments, such as for example the Old Town, has been rebuilt from the ruins in order to the city could regain its former character. Other buildings, including the remains of the Jewish ghetto wall, are preserved so that they remind a painful and difficult past of the city and whole country. Communism and socialism have left their stamp on the city, which is now its trademark, recognized by people all over the world. This refers not only to the Palace of Culture and Science, but also for the whole urban assumptions, built according to the principles of socialist realism.

What’s more, each of the districts of Warsaw has its own unique character and they are significantly different from each other. While traveling around Warsaw and moving from one district to another, you have feeling that you visit different cities. Żoliborz, one of the northern districts of the capital, resembles the climate of pre-war Warsaw, with its modernist architecture, parks and green areas. A great contrast to that is Praga, the former working class district situated on the eastern riverside of the Vistula. For many years it was neglected and rested the shadow of the city’s center, and now it is becoming a trendy place, where cultural and artistic life is flourishing. A multitude of contrasts in Warsaw is visible at every step. It’s one of the few cities where monumental socialist architecture is close to modern glass skyscrapers, and some people live in a modernist, pre-war villas or art nouveau tenement houses, while others, right around the corner, live in the socialist buildings. The local colour of Warsaw is simply unique and you need to come here to experience it.

Warsaw is a city so diverse, that everyone will find its own way of life. Do not worry if you are not interested in the history of the city, because you can easily find out plenty of other ideas to spend entertaining free time. For those who want to have fun and take the pressure away, Warsaw offers a huge amount of clubs, pubs, restaurants, concerts and outdoor events. Those who wish to relax in a peaceful and quiet environment, also will not be disappointed. Numerous parks, squares and calm corners make Warsaw one of the greenest metropolis on the continent, with the Europe’s wildest river Vistula flowing through the city.

What’s more, Warsaw is developing very fast. Foreign investors create many jobs, build new prestigious buildings and that’s why Warsaw is the largest office market in Poland. It’s also Poland’s biggest center of higher education, where you can study almost anything you want. All these advantages make stable economic situation, so it’s easy here to find well-paid job in line with the professional qualifications.

It should also be pointed out, that the character of this city is created by the amazing and friendly people, who are open to other cultures and treating kindly the newcomers, who want to settle in their town. Some of city’s present inhabitants used to come here to study or work and than settled here because of the opportunities, that the city gave them. They’re Varsovians of their own choice. Soon, you can start your adventure in Warsaw too. Please, consider yourself warmly invited.

Come and experience life in Warsaw. We look forward to welcoming you.