54,000 students and about 20 faculties plus other units – University of Warsaw is the largest Polish University. Founded two centuries ago, has a long teaching tradition. Every year hundreds of students successfully graduate and start looking for their dream jobs. Sometimes some of them decide to stay longer to get better knowledge about subjects they are adapt at. University offers them opportunity to educate themselves at post-diploma and doctoral studies in many disciplines: from mathematical and natural sciences to social and humanistic sciences.

Being a graduate of University of Warsaw means having a simplified way of climbing a ladder of success. Young people after studies are accomplished workers, because knowledge they got during five years at university, makes them adapted to the needs of changing world and vital individuals at the labor market. UW is the best place for conscientious students, who are interested in investing at themselves. They can show the world all their virtues by participating in many contests and championships. Numerous organizations and institutions operating at university are really helpful for those, who came here with a view to studying effectively and do not let themselves to lapse into indolence.

Poland as a member of European Union has a lot of new opportunities of development. University of Warsaw for over the last ten years has been trying to use that chance really effectively. Belonging to EU made a foundation for international dialog and provided wider participation in educational programmes. Lecturers and teachers at University of Warsaw put well-rounded education on the front burner. Thanks to the financial help of European Union they are able to make considerable scientific achievements and prepare modern educational schemes. Modern equipment and high level of teaching help students make progress by leaps and bounds and eventually rise in the pecking order, so they will be able to become satisfied workers.

Poland as a country situated in the middle Europe is also a country opened to newcomers. University located in the centre of the capital city became the centre of international meetings. Students from all over the world decide to start their higher education here. Even if they do not know Polish language they still attain their aims, because university offers them faculties in English. Many exchange programmes are helpful for those, who are interested in other countries. They can visit many different places and get to know other cultures before they graduate. University of Warsaw is the best choice for efficient people, who want to achieve the acme of perfection.