University of Warsaw, Faculty of Management

Field of study:International Business Program
Type of studies:Graduate
System of studies:full-time (day) studies
Limit of students:50

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Programme description:

The IBP courses are divided into two main groups:

  1. obligatory
  2. electives

Year IlectureseminarECTS
Semester I (winter)
Introduction to Politics152
Corporate Finance303
Strategic Management303
International Economics303
Management Information Systems153
Modern Management303
Market Research303
Business Ethics303
Financial Markets152
Elective course 1152
Elective course 2152
Semester II (spring)
Statistics with element of Econometrics303
International Logistics152
International Commercial Law302
Strategic Marketing Management302
International Business (Commerce)303
Proces Management302
Organizational Ethnography302
Human Resources Management302
Master seminar302
Elective course 3152
Elective course 4152
Elective course 5152
Elective course 6152
Year IIlectureseminarECTS
Semster III (winter)
Internship or Taking part in the exchange program30
Semester IV (spring)
International Marketing303
European Business Law302
International Political Relations152
International Taxation302
International Banking and Finance303
Operations Research302
Master seminar302
Master thesis15
Elective course 7152
Elective course 8152
Elective course 9152