University of Warsaw, Faculty of Psychology

Field of study:Psychology
Type of studies:Long-cycle studies
System of studies:full-time (day) studies
Limit of students:44

Official website of the Programme is available at:

Programme description:

The full-time, 5-year masters (magister) program in psychology taught in English is separated into two levels: basic (Years 1-3) and advanced (Years 4 and 5). The program includes courses that are required from all students (obligatory) as well as elective courses that are selected by each student in accordance with her/his interests from the following categories: Clinical psychology; Cognitive psychology; Biological Bases of Behaviour; Psychology of Personality, Emotions, Motivation and Individual Differences; Developmental and Educational Psychology; Social Psychology; Methodology, Statistics and Psychometrics and Interdisciplinary courses.

In their fourth and fifth years, students must attend applied specialization courses. As for 2013/2014 they may choose from among the following specializations: Psychotherapy, Business Psychology, Neuropsychology and Neuroscience and Experimental Social Psychology. Courses generally last one semester, not exceeding 30 class-hours. Exceptions to this rule are masters seminars, supervised research, foreign language courses, and some practical courses in applied psychology.

Courses at the Faculty of Psychology are assigned credits in accordance with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) as proposed by the European Union. According to this system, credits represent a universal measure of workload that is required for all students completing a degree. The basic principle behind this system is that one academic year of full-time courses at a given institution is equivalent to 60 credits. Each institution is guided by this principle when assigning credits to particular courses. At the Faculty of Psychology, credits are assigned to obligatory courses by the Faculty Council, and credits are assigned to electives by the instructor depending on evaluation method and workload. A minimum of 300 ECTS credits must be earned during the 5-year course of study. There is no theoretical limit to the number of courses a student may take. Limits on participation in a particular course may depend on logistical (space, technical) constraints or instructor’s preferences.

The Program is open to Polish and foreign high school graduates fluent in English who meet the standard entrance requirements for universities in their country of origin (with tuition) and Students of Erasmus and other exchange programs (without tuition).

Many of our students are from abroad, coming among others from: Belarus, Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, Turkmenistan, UK, Ukraine, USA.

In order to ensure the most up-to-date education, our team of lecturers is composed of about 30% of foreign lecturers invited from renowned universities and research institutes in Europe and North America. Our instructors represent, among others, the following countries: Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, UK, USA.

Graduate profile and potential career opportunities:

The Warsaw International Studies in Psychology provide a top-notch education that includes a solid foundation in all areas of psychology as well as substantial choice for students to pursue their own interests. The program prepares students for careers in business, clinical practice, research, and any field where a knowledge of psychology comes in handy. The program is designed to provide students with a solid background in psychology and methodology of social sciences and at the same time to let students shape an education path closest to their interests.

The faculty’s research projects cover an extensive range of subjects within the field of psychology, and results are regularly published in renowned scientific journals. Our team of academics is known for the emphasis they place on the development of each student’s individual capabilities. Advanced courses in Psychotherapy, Business Psychology, Experimental Social Psychology, Neuropsychology and Neuroscience and other areas help prepare students for jobs. The sound theoretical and methodological training make our students excellent candidates for further academic careers.

The main goal of the WISP program is to provide a high quality psychology education in English both for foreign students and for Polish students fluent in English who see their future careers on an international scene. Our graduating students have gone on to prestigious PhD programs or careers in fields including clinical work, human resources, business.

Application and admission procedure:

The admission procedure consists of two stages:

Stage I: 1. register in the internet system (IRK ), 2. pay the application fee, 3. deliver a set of documents

Stage II: additional predispositions exam – an interview conducted in English. For the interview you prepare ONE book from the list which we publish on our website. It is possible to conduct the interview via teleconference.

The whole procedure will start in May/June.


- 3.600 EUR (students from EU & EFTA countries)
- 4.700 EUR* (students from outside EU & EFTA countries)
*Attention! Students with Polish origins are entitled to 30% discount.

Non-Polish first-year students are required to pay an additional fee of 200 EUR to the first installment (this happens just once with the very first installment).