University of Warsaw, Faculty of History, Institute of Archaeology

Field of study:Archaeology
Type of studies:Undergraduate
System of studies:full-time (day) studies
Limit of students:40

Official website of the Programme is available at:

Programme description:

The study programme is designed to offer the best training in the archaeological theory and practice. Our programme includes a wide variety of courses, among them both general arts & humanities courses as well as scientific courses, such as Non-invasive Methods in Archaeology or Statistics.

The programme focuses on Mediterranean archaeology, but provides the knowledge needed for students to take part in archaeological expeditions all over the world. Fieldwork (excavations and archeological survey) is obligatory during the course of studies and the Institute of Archaeology offers numerous sites for student’s practice.

Each of the three years of studies has its own specific character. The first year’s program is the strictest as it consists mainly of obligatory courses (lectures and classes): outlines of Mediterranean archaeology and prehistoric archaeology, introduction to archaeology, anthropology and archaeological methodology.In the second year, students construct their individual study programs choosing three thematic courses for the second and third year of studies according to their own interests. Lectures and classes are offered in a number of specializations (e.g. archaeology of Egypt, archaeology of the Near East, ); there are also classes in documentation and excavation techniques.the end of the course the students write a BA thesis and take a final exam. During the BA course, students sit for exams in one modern language and Latin (or another ancient language). The studies are supplemented by practical excavation training (see below).

Summer Excavation Training all over the World

Summer excavation training is an important element of the archaeology curriculum. The Institute of Archaeology organizes on-site training to provide future graduates with hands-on experience in the field. Fieldwork is an integral part of the Institute’s curriculum and each year all students of archaeology at the University of Warsaw are eligible to participate in archaeological excavations led by prominent researchers from the Institute in Poland or abroad.

Students can choose from a variety of different types of archaeological sites in Europe, the Near East, Central Asia, North Africa and South America.

Graduate profile and potential career opportunities:

Our graduates will become professional excavators in many different specializations. The teaching staff ensures a broad archaeological education in many different fields. With regard to Central Europe, there is Stone Age archaeology (Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic), Bronze Age and Iron Age archaeology, Proto-Historic archaeology (Central European Barbaricum) as well as Medieval and Modern Age archaeology.

A unique specialty is Balt archaeology, covering a period from the Early Iron Age through Early Medieval times. Mediterranean studies encompass Aegean archaeology, archaeology of Rome, Egypt, Nubia, the Near East and Central Asia from Prehistory till Islamic Middle Ages. There is also the department of South American archaeology.

The Institute also educates specialists, e.g. human osteologists, archaeozoologists, papyrologists, epigraphers and specialists in non-invasive exploration techniques (e.g. geophysicists).

Application and admission procedure:

Admission details and procedures as well as registration for admission are available on the IRK web site. For further information please contact:


There is no tuition fee for the European Union citizens. We welcome also Erasmus and Erasmus Mundus students of archaeology and related disciplines for one/two semester stay. The cost of the full programme for non-EU students is 4168 Euros (2084 Euros per year). The tuition fee should be paid via bank transfer (to the account specified below) following the posting of accepted candidates’ names by the Admission Committee.

IBAN: PL 95 1160 2202 0000 0000 6084 9522, SWIFT: BIGBPLPW