University of Warsaw, Institute of European Studies

Field of study:European Studies
Type of studies:Graduate (MA)
System of studies:Full-time and Part-time
Limit of students:100 (Full-time) / 80 (Part-time)

Official website of the Programme is available at:

Programme description:

European Administration courses are divided into two groups:

  1. obligatory
  2. electives

Year IHoursECTS
European Integration: Theoretical Dimension304
European Integration: Historical Dimension304
European Integration: Economic Dimension (I)607
European Integration: Political Dimension12014
Practical French/German course I for European Administration1011
General elective course303
European Integration: Socio-Cultural Dimension304
Monographic course303
Year IIHoursECTS
European Integration: Economic Dimension (II)608
Practical French/German course II for European Administration12012
General elective courses303
Diploma Seminar609
European Integration: Legal Dimension608
Preparation of Master Thesis-8

Apart from obligatory courses, students must attend applied specialization courses. They may choose from the following specializations:

  1. European Affairs Management
  2. EU Funds and Programmes
  3. EU Diplomacy
Student is obliged to obtain 60 ECTS per academic year for obligatory and specialization courses.