Social Science Studies is an academic initiative founded to emphasize horizons of possibilities given by applied humanities taught in English at University of Warsaw (Poland). Dedicated to all candidates interested in human aspects of the world seen both from scientific and real-life perspective, it focuses especially on business, finance, management, politics, international relations, psychology and archeology.

The main objective of the initiative is to facilitate not only obtaining skills appreciated by international companies from all over the world but also living an adventure of studying in one of the most dynamic countries in Eastern Europe. Five forces, represented by Institute of Archaeology, Faculty of Economic Sciences, Faculty of Journalism and Political Sciences, Faculty of Management and Faculty of Psychology at University of Warsaw, joined to create inspiring academic atmosphere which enables students to develop their intellectual potential leading to future success.

Programmes, accredited by Polish institutions and appreciated by international initiatives like, are carefully prepared to teach how to link scientific skills with real-life problems, to devise new strategies based on thorough analysis and to implement ideas according to highest standards. Students may also profit from double degrees, exchange programs, vast range of additional subjects from all faculties affiliated in SSS.